OAKLAND, CALIF., JUNE 10 -- Two environmentalists accused of transporting a bomb that blew up in their car May 24 were carrying nails identical to those in the bomb, the San Francisco Examiner reported today.

The information came from police statements contained in Municipal Court records, the newspaper said.

Police found a sack of nails during a search of the activists' car only moments after an explosion rocked the vehicle as it traveled down an Oakland street, injuring the two occupants.

The discovery and an FBI expert's opinion that the nails matched those taped to the pipe bomb led police to conclude that Earth First! members Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were transporting the device when it accidentally exploded, according to the court documents.

Bari was in stable condition at Highland Hospital with a broken pelvis. Cherney, who suffered a cut over his left eye, has been released.

Police have booked the two for investigation of transporting a bomb, but the district attorney didn't immediately file charges, saying prosecutors want to review the evidence.

Bari and Cherney had been organizing an anti-logging protest in northern California called "Redwood Summer." They have denied knowing that the bomb was in the car and say they are the victims of a murder attempt.