NEW YORK, JUNE 12 -- Gov. Mario M. Cuomo (D), wading onto foreign policy turf commonly occupied by presidential candidates, accused the Bush administration today of "a clear tilt toward policies that will weaken our national commitment to support Israel."

In a speech that was promoted by Cuomo aides and seemed aimed at a wider audience than the New York electorate, the governor sharply criticized the administration for its contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). "Dialogue with the PLO," he said, "has done nothing but give them their only political victory since the start of the intifada," the Palestinian uprising in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Cuomo also accused administration officials of "building {PLO leader} Yasser Arafat into their primary surrogate in the Mideast for the legitimization of a Palestinian political entity, the so-called 'Palestinian state.' This would so weaken Israel's ability to defend herself that her survival would become tenuous."

Cuomo announced his candidacy for a third term last week but refused to answer questions about whether he will run for president in 1992, saying reporters would not believe him no matter what he said.

It is standard practice for New York candidates to pledge undying loyalty to Israel. But Cuomo, addressing a United Jewish Appeal dinner, offered an unusually detailed critique of Middle East issues, faulting the White House for "a lack of support for the Israeli government" at a time of growing antisemitism around the world.

Cuomo said the peace process backed by the White House "is turning out to be unworkable because it depends on assurances of peace from people still committed to the destruction of Israel."

Noting the State Department's assurance to Congress last month that the PLO was keeping its 1988 commitment to renounce terrorism, Cuomo said that "the PLO itself gave the lie to these incredible assertions" when Libyan-trained Palestinian terrorists attempted to attack Israeli beaches May 30 before being stopped by Israeli military units. He said that the PLO issued "only a qualified condemnation" 12 days after the attack.

The governor also criticized the Soviet Union for trying to use the emigration rights of its Jewish citizens as a "bargaining chip" in superpower talks, warning that U.S. officials should not join in this "shameful exercise."