Charles Lewis's testimony in the trial of D.C. Mayor Marion Barry paints a picture of the mayor's security detail as police officers who sometimes maintained a distant presence from the mayor and tipped him off to an internal police investigation of Lewis.

During the two first days of testimony in the Barry trial, Lewis has mentioned the mayor's security detail several times in ways that characterized some officers as appearing to have more loyalty to Barry than to their responsibilities as police officers.

Lewis testified on Tuesday that on the night of Dec. 22, 1988, after undercover police detectives were stopped from going into his room at the Ramada Inn, Barry telephoned Lewis and said that a member of the security detail informed him that police were investigating Lewis on a drug complaint.

Lewis also testified that Barry smoked marijuana on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands in 1986 while a member of the mayor's security detail was on the boat. While Barry and Lewis were smoking crack inside a Virgin Island hotel room during a 1988 trip, Lewis said, Barry assured him he "shouldn't worry" about his security guards.

Three current or former members of the mayor's security detail are listed on the prosecution's witness list and are expected to testify: Lt. Ronald Harvey, a former supervisor of the detail who accompanied the mayor on the 1986 Virgin Islands trip; Sgt. James Stays, who was guarding the mayor on Dec. 22, 1988, at the Ramada Inn; and Detective Freddie Gaskins. A law enforcement source said yesterday that the officers are expected to testify they did not see the mayor use or possess drugs.

The source said the D.C. police department has been investigating Barry's security detail since the Ramada Inn incident. No criminal charges are expected against any member of the detail, the source said.

The source said that police officials are waiting until the Barry trial is over before making any decisions about possible administrative actions against any security officers. The source said that some officers "may have developed a relationship that was clearly not proper, and they didn't report it to anybody."

Lewis testified in U.S. District Court yesterday that on Dec. 22, 1988, Barry telephoned him to discuss what was going on inside Lewis's room that night.

"So I asked him if he heard anything and he told me that he learned from his security that they were coming, the police were coming to my room, but the mission got aborted because he was there or his car was there, and so I went ahead and discussed {a} conversation between the reporter and myself," Lewis testified yesterday in U.S. District Court.

Lewis also testified that Barry made arrangements for him to talk to police officials investigating the case. "He had gotten me the appointment Saturday morning with the police at 10 o'clock and he gave me instructions on how to handle the security and going into the building."

For several days after the Ramada Inn incident, Barry tried to contact high-ranking police officials about the investigation. The mayor became so frustrated that Isaac Fulwood Jr., now police chief and then the department's field operations commander, did not return his phone calls that he called the police communications center early Christmas morning, berated a police clerk and demanded that Fulwood be contacted.

In the trial testimony Tuesday, Lewis said that while Barry smoked marijuana on the back of a sailboat in the Virgin Islands, Harvey of the security detail was in the front of the boat. While there was no testimony to determine whether Harvey was aware of the activity at the back of the boat, prosecutor Judith E. Retchin asked, "Did Lieutenant Harvey do anything to interrupt the marijuana smoking?"

"Not to my knowledge," answered Lewis.

Lewis also testified Tuesday that while he and Barry were smoking crack inside Barry's hotel room at the Morningstar Hotel on St. Thomas, Barry told Lewis not to worry about his security guards seeing them. "Did Mr. Barry say anything about his security officers in regard to the crack and crack pipe?" Retchin asked.

"Yes," Lewis replied. "Yes, he said I shouldn't worry about them." Lewis said that no security guards were in the mayor's hotel room at any time when crack was being used.

Earlier this year, Gaskins, another member of the security detail, told a grand jury that he carried an envelope containing $100 from Barry to Lewis at the Ramada Inn on Dec. 19, 1988. Gaskins told the grand jury that he was unaware that the money was allegedly to be used for drugs, according to sources.

Questions about the mayor's security detail have been raised several times in recent years. In the past, the mayor has told members of the detail to drop him off somewhere, take his car back to the unit's garage at Third and Bryant streets NW and wait there until he called them to pick him up.

In September 1988, Barry used the officers in an attempt to disguise his whereabouts from the press. Barry spent a week at the New Age Health Spa in Neversink, N.Y., while his security guards waited for him at a hotel in New York City, a three-hour drive away. The city paid more than $2,000 for the officers' week-long stay at the hotel.