Hazel Diane "Rasheeda" Moore testified yesterday that she and D.C. Mayor Marion Barry used drugs together "at least 100" times in 22 locations in the area. She said she delivered cocaine to the mayor in his office at the District Building and used cocaine with him at the District's Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center while he took a break from a budget hearing.

In four hours of testimony before a rapt audience in federal court, the former model also said that she and Barry took drugs in hotel rooms, at the homes of friends, at the house of a bishop in McLean and at Barry's own home in Southeast Washington, where Moore said he cooked cocaine into crack in the kitchen.

Moore told the jury that Barry almost overdosed at her mother's home on Taylor Street NW, and that she almost overdosed at the home of African Methodist Episcopal Bishop H. Hartford Brookins in McLean at a time when the bishop was elsewhere in the house. Once, she said, she and the mayor talked about their addiction to crack and about the mayor's desire to "get his life in order and stop using it."

Often, crack made Barry "paranoid," prompting him to dwell on the possibility that people were spying on him, she said. After smoking crack, she said, Barry would gaze out front-door peepholes and worry that a blinking light somewhere on the Washington skyline meant he was under surveillance. In the bedroom of a friend, he continually watched a television security monitor to see whether people were following him, she said.

As Assistant U.S. Attorney Judith E. Retchin questioned Moore, Barry and his wife, Effi, stared intently at the witness. The mayor was mostly without expression, except for an occasional half grin. Effi Barry, pursing her lips and occasionally shaking her head slowly, put down the rug she had been hooking to scrutinize her husband's alleged former mistress.

Moore established herself as the star of the government's cocaine and perjury case against Barry, providing the basis for more than half of the 14 counts against the mayor. But her testimony revealed several possible weaknesses that defense lawyers could exploit on cross-examination, including her statement that she used crack two months after Barry's Jan. 18 arrest at the Vista Hotel, and her testimony that she did not see crack during her 1986 trip to the Virgin Islands.

Some of the police officers assigned to Barry's security detail knew about the mayor's drug habit, she testified.

Once, she said, Sgt. James Stays was baby-sitting for her three children while she and Barry went out for the evening. As they left, she said Stays remarked, "I hope you're not going to be bad tonight and {go} down to Florida Avenue." She testified that Florida Avenue NW was where she frequently bought drugs.

Moore said some of Barry's security guards had driven her to pick up cocaine, and she said one of the guards came to her apartment to baby-sit her children while she went out to buy drugs.

Asked whether she could remember any of the guards' names, she said, "Stays," a reference to Sgt. Stays, a 30-year veteran of the D.C. police and the senior member of Barry's security detail. Stays, in an interview, denied yesterday that he was involved in drugs. "I wasn't there," he said.

D.C. police spokeswoman Shannon Cockett said yesterday that the department is "not in a position to comment on any matters that are brought up during the trial because we don't want to affect the process. After the trial is over, if there's any indication of wrongdoing, that's something that could be looked into both by our department and the U.S. Attorney's Office."

Moore testified that she and Barry began using drugs together in 1986, about the time they started dating. Starting in 1987, she said, she began using crack frequently, and the mayor began using it with her.

Moore testified that her sexual relationship with Barry ended in June 1988 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington after Barry slapped her to the floor of the hotel room. The two had smoked crack and Barry had accused her of sleeping with one of his closest friends, she said.

The woman who gained notoriety by luring the mayor into the FBI's net at the Vista Hotel walked into the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson shortly before noon, dressed completely in black -- a knit miniskirt ensemble with a tunic decorated with silver buttons, and long, dangling silver earrings.

During her testimony, Moore traced her relationship with Barry from its start to the eve of the Vista sting. As court adjourned, Retchin appeared ready to ask Moore to describe how she decided to become an FBI informant, thus laying the groundwork to play the videotape of his arrest.

From the moment she walked into the courtroom, at 11:15 a.m., Moore held the attention of the spectators. Several jurors leaned forward to hear her story.

It began in the mid-1970s, she said, when she was a cover model for Essence magazine and her sister, Mertine Moore, was working for then-D.C. Council member Jerry Moore. Mertine and Jerry Moore are not related.

Barry saw her magazine cover photo, she said, and called her in New York to invite her to dinner the next time she was in Washington. She did not respond, she said.

By early 1986, she said, her modeling career had stalled and she had moved back to Washington.

She met Barry at a party for cable television executive Robert Johnson, and told the mayor she was trying to establish a modeling agency. He told her to call, she said.

She did. In a later meeting with Barry and Barry's photographer, Gaylord Tissueboo, she said, Barry suggested that she put together a summer youth program.

The result was Project Me, which enrolled about 500 District youths and ran for three years, financed by the city at a cost of more than $180,000.

In June 1986, she got tickets from Barry to go along on a boat ride for the Riverfest festival on the Potomac River.

After the cruise, she said, she and Barry went to a Southwest Washington condominium complex, along with her sister Mertine, Tissueboo and others. There, she said, they snorted powdered cocaine.

She learned later from Barry that he kept cocaine under a corner of the carpet, she said. She and Barry used the apartment several times, she said.

In the only part of her testimony so far to differ significantly from that of prosecution witness Charles Lewis, a convicted cocaine dealer, Moore said she traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands in June 1986 to be with the mayor, and took a day-long cruise with him.

Earlier in the trial, Lewis testified that during the cruise they all used cocaine and marijuana. But yesterday, Moore said that she recalled smoking only marijuana that day.

Early on in her relationship with the mayor, she said, she tried to break it off because her religious upbringing made her uneasy about seeing a married man.

She said that to Barry over dinner at the Channel Inn hotel, she said.

"I told him I was really fighting with the idea of the adultery, and there were too many things I was trying to get together in my life," she said.

Barry's response, she said, was to tell her "that it was divine providence that we were together."

Increasingly, their relationship centered on drugs. At first, she said, the drugs were powdered cocaine and sometimes marijuana.

"There were times when we would {use drugs} two and three times a week, three and four times a week," she said. In 1987, she said, she was introduced to crack by her manicurist.

"I had gained a lot of weight . . . and she suggested the easy way to lose it might be to try {crack}," she said. Almost immediately, she said, she was hooked, but she tried not to let Barry know.

But Barry became suspicious anyway, she said. One night in 1988 at her 16th Street NW apartment, she said, he confronted her. Although she didn't want to "carry the burden" of introducing the mayor to crack, she said, the mayor told her he had taken it before.

That night, she said, he found her pipe and smoked crack. Like herself, she said, the mayor was quickly hooked.

"There were occasions he would come past after a meeting or before a meeting and he would take a hit of the pipe," she said. "And there has been times when he would come after work for a short period of time and take some cocaine or take a hit off the pipe and leave . . . in the evenings after work."

At other times, she said, they would meet at the homes of friends who were out of town. Asked by Retchin to identify those houses, Moore said they included her home, her mother's and sister's, and the residences of Lydia Pearson, a neighbor of her mother's; R. Donahue Peebles, the former chairman of the D.C. board that oversees property tax appeals; Barry friends Daniel Butler and Jeffrey Mitchell; and city contractor Tony Jones. She said they also visited the Omni Shoreham , the Hyatt Regency, the Vista and the L'Enfant Plaza.

At Jones's house, she said, she would bring powdered cocaine, and the mayor would cook it into crack over Jones's stove.

After an afternoon recess, Barry entered the courtroom from a side door, grinning broadly and asking reporters why they had been "so quiet today." Asked what he thought of Moore's testimony, Barry said, "garbage, garbage."

Moore testified that her sexual relationship with Barry ended in a violent episode at the Hyatt Regency hotel in June 1988. Moore testified that she refused to have sex with him and he accused her of sleeping with a friend of his, Willie Davis, a former senior aide to Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington. Then Barry hit her twice, she said, adding that one of the blows knocked her to the floor.

"He slapped me, and I slapped him back," she said. "He slapped me back, and I ended up on the floor. I got up, and I hit him . . . . He stood over me, and I was down on the floor . . . . And he said, 'I haven't hit a woman in 20 years. You bring out the worst in a man. Just get out.' "

Moore said that once in the spring of 1988, she was at the Vista with Barry, Davis and Rose Marie "Maria" McCarthy, a friend of Barry's. Moore testified that she, McCarthy and Barry used crack at the hotel.

Retchin attempted to ask Moore about her city contract for Project Me, the summer youth program, when Mundy objected. In a bench conference, Retchin told Jackson that Moore could testify that Barry asked Moore to go with him into a hotel room at the Vista, and that when Moore went in she found Barry nude. Retchin also said Moore could testify that Barry asked Moore to perform oral sex on him, and that when she refused, Barry said he would cut off Moore's city contract.

Retchin said she was willing to avoid the sexual allegations and have Moore testify only that Barry said, "If you give up on me, you lose everything that comes with me."

Mundy objected, saying that the episode was too prejudicial, and Retchin dropped the line of questioning.

Moore continued, testifying that she occasionally bought cocaine for Barry and delivered it to him at government offices. Once in the summer of 1988, she said, she brought $40 worth of crack to Barry's fifth-floor office in the District Building.

"The mayor was expecting me," Moore said. "I went up to his office. I gave him the cocaine. He gave me the money for it, and I left."

On three or four occasions, she testified, she got money from Barry at the Reeves Center at 14th and U streets NW. Once, Moore testified, Barry was at the podium for a budget hearing and he gave her drug money in an envelope inside a magazine.

"What did you do with the money?" Retchin asked.

"I went out to John {her drug contact} on Florida Avenue near Howard University and purchased cocaine, came back to the Reeves building, waited for the mayor to finish with the budget hearings, and then we would go somewhere and use the cocaine," Moore said.

Moore said that one night Barry repeatedly insisted she meet him at the Washington home of lawyer Lloyd N. Moore Jr. to use drugs. She said that she told Barry she couldn't get a babysitter, and that Barry told her she should bring her children, now 6, 7 and 9. Lloyd Moore, who is not related to her, was out of town, and had left Barry his keys.

"He called me back a bit later on, 1 or 2 in the morning." she testified. "He said, 'Why don't you come? Take a taxi and bring the children.' So I did." She and Barry spent the night getting high upstairs, and her children were asleep downstairs when Lloyd Moore arrived home early, she said. "Lloyd sat downstairs with my children . . . {and was} congenial about it, but I could tell he was a little upset."

The former model testified she had an "extremely frightening experience" at the McLean home of Bishop Brookins, a close friend and political adviser of the mayor's. "He {Barry} smoked first . . . took a very big hit," Moore said. "After he took the large hit, he put it down, took another hit of the cocaine, was very high.

"I was anxious to smoke because I hadn't done any for a couple of days or so, so I took the pipe next . . . took a big hit, and when I took the hit, I got extremely high, started shaking . . . I started to lose it . . . . I could feel my eyes starting to dilate and move back, and I could see him moving very slowly on the side."

"I grabbed the counter, and I said, 'Marion, Marion.' I called him, and all of a sudden he turned the light off. And I looked in the mirror, and I could see the whites of my eyes, and I was shaking and almost passed out. And I said, 'Stay focused, stay focused.' My whole body was moving.

"And when I finally came through . . . I walked out of the bathroom and found him. He was in the closet, putting the pipe in a shoe tree and putting the cocaine in another area. And I said, 'Why did you turn the light off? I almost went out.' And he said, 'I couldn't do anything. There was nothing I could do.'

"We both sat down, and I said I am not doing it anymore, this is it because I could have died at that time."

Retchin asked: "Was that the last time you used cocaine?"

"No, it wasn't," Moore answered.

Brookins said last night that he couldn't recall meeting Moore, and was "shocked" by her testimony. He said that if she and Barry did drugs in his home, "it would be a violation of the sanctity of my home, my trust and my friendship."

Earlier, Moore told of Barry nearly overdosing on crack at the home of Moore's mother on Taylor Street NW.

"He consumed a lot of smoke, and held it for a long time," she said. "When he let it out, his body started shaking, and he almost fell . . . . I grabbed him because I was concerned. If something were to happen at my mother's house, she would kill me.

"And I asked him if he was okay and to keep his eyes focused, because on one occasion he told me if you ever go out, feel like you are going to lose it, remember to keep your eyes focused. Because if your eyes are focused, you won't pass out. So he stayed focused . . . and after he got his composure, he said 'That was a great hit.' "

Staff writers Barton Gellman and Elsa Walsh contributed to this report.

Tiber Island condominium -- on N Street SW.

Her own house -- on 16th Street NW.

Her own house -- on Taylor Street NE.

Hassan Mohammadi's house -- on 31st Street NW in Georgetown.

Hassan Mohammadi's restaurant -- Pardis in Georgetown.

Mayor Barry's house -- on Suitland Road SE.

Bishop H. Hartford Brookins's house -- in McLean.

R. Donahue Peebles's house -- near Georgetown in Northwest D.C.

Jeff Mitchell's house -- on Blagden Avenue NW.

Maria McCarthy's house -- in Silver Spring.

Lydia Reid Pearson's house -- on Taylor Street NW.

Tony Jones's house -- at Park Plaza on Michigan Avenue and North Capitol Street.

The District Building -- at Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street NW.

The Reeves Center -- at 14th and U streets NW.

The Shoreham Hotel -- on Calvert Street NW.

The Hyatt Regency -- on New Jersey Avenue near Capitol Hill.

The Vista Hotel -- on M Street NW.

L'Enfant Plaza hotel -- in Southwest.

Her mother Mary Moore's house -- on Taylor Street NW.

Her sister, Mertine Moore's, house -- in Southwest.

Danny Butler's house -- on F Street NE.

Lloyd Moore's house -- on Unicorn Lane.