New York Mayor David N. Dinkins incensed Staten Island residents by signing a fare increase that on Aug. 1 will double the cost of the 25-cent Staten Island ferry ride. The ferry, which glides past but does not stop at the Statue of Liberty, carries 30,000 commuters daily on the seven-mile trip across New York Harbor and is one of the city's cheapest tourist attractions.

A fire that continued to smolder turned a Los Angeles subway tunnel under construction into a 1,500-degree oven and collapsed a 100-foot stretch near the downtown Hollywood Freeway, which will remain closed, officials said.

Three Soviet planes en route to Seattle for the Goodwill Games surprised the Air Force, which was expecting them a day later and scrambled jets to intercept them over Alaska. The planes were later allowed to continue to Seattle.

Starting Sunday, New York City's homeless people no longer will be able to use the A train for sleeping overnight, the Transit Authority said. The policy is aimed at the 135 homeless people who regularly ride the same trains all night.

More than 100 tons of ammonium perchlorate, a chemical that is vital for the solid fuel in space shuttle boosters, went up in flames at a Kerr-McGee Corp. plant Thursday night in Henderson, Nev., near a similar plant that blew up two years ago.