MOSCOW, JULY 14 -- The new Communist Party Politburo, elected today by the party Central Committee, has 24 members. The only incumbents are General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and his deputy, Vladimir Ivashko. The previous status of non-voting, or candidate, membership, has been eliminated.

1. Mikhail Gorbachev, 59, elected to Politburo in October 1980, Communist Party general secretary since March 1985.

2. Vladimir Ivashko, 58, elected to Politburo in December 1989, deputy general secretary. Former president and party chief of the Ukraine.

3. Vladimir Movsisyan, leader of the Communist Party in Armenia.

4. Ayaz Mutalibov, 52, Communist Party leader in Azerbaijan.

5. Yefrem Sokolov, 64, Communist Party leader in Byelorussia.

6. Enn Arno Sillari, Communist Party leader in Estonia.

7. Givi Gumbaridze, 44, Communist Party leader in Georgia.

8. Nursultan Nazarbav, 50, Communist Party leader in Kazakhstan.

9. Absomat Masaliyev, 57, Communist Party leader in Kirghizia.

10. Alfreds Rubiks, 54, Latvian Communist Party leader.

11. Mikolas Burakevicius, Lithuanian Communist Party leader.

12. Pyotr Luchinsky, 50, Moldavian Communist Party leader.

13. Ivan Polozkov, 55, leader of the Communist Party in the Russian republic.

14. Kakhar Makhkamov, 58, Communist Party leader in Tajikistan.

15. Sappar Niyazov, 50, Communist Party leader in Turkmenistan.

16. Stanislav Gurenko, 54, Ukrainian Communist Party leader.

17. Islam Karimov, 70, Communist Party leader in Uzbekistan.

18. Alexander Dzasokhov, 56, chairman of the Supreme Soviet International Affairs Commission. Responsible for party ideology.

19. Yuri Prokofiev, Moscow Communist Party chief.

20. Galina Semyonova, 53, editor of Peasant Woman magazine, responsible for women's issues.

21. Gennady Yanayev, 52, head of the Central Council of Trade Unions, responsible for international affairs.

22. Oleg Shenin, 52, party leader in Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, responsible for organizational issues.

23. Igor Stroyev, 53, responsible for agriculture.

24. Ivan Frolov, 60, editor of the party newspaper Pravda.