NEW DELHI, JULY 16 -- Prime Minister V.P. Singh won a power struggle with his deputy today, ending a crisis which had paralyzed his minority government for three days.

Singh's victory came with the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal's son, Om Prakash Chautala, as head of the government of Haryana state, five days after he was reinstalled by his father.

Chautala was forced to quit the post in May after 12 people died in repeated election violence in his constituency. Chautala's supporters were accused of inciting the troubles, but a promised inquiry into his role never began.

Chautala's reappointment Thursday, which prompted 13 ministers to resign in Singh's 38-member cabinet, was seen as an effort by Devi Lal to promote his son's political career. Singh also offered to resign during the crisis but was rejected.

"The crisis has blown over," Sommappa Rayappa Bommai, president of the Janata Dal party, announced at a news conference today. "Chautala resigned at my request to improve the image of the government and the party. I congratulate him. He has risen to the occasion," he said.

Bommai said Haryana legislators would choose a new chief minister Tuesday.

Chautala will keep his post as general secretary of the Janata Dal, Bommai said.

Singh led the front in ousting Rajiv Gandhi's Congress Party in November's national elections, campaigning on a platform of a clean government.