Lesley Howard, a 16-year-old student at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, told her father by telephone last night that she noticed that the double-decker bus carrying her and other students to an English arts festival was traveling too fast and a turn was missed, and then the bus started to rock violently.

"Then it pitched over," Bruce Howard, of Bethesda, said his daughter told him following the accident outside Oxford, England, that killed two students and injured 56.

Lesley Howard suffered scrapes and bruises when she was flung from the top deck of the bus to its lower deck, her father said.

He said she told him that among the severely injured were some with crushed pelvises, damaged kidneys and broken jaws. "She said she thought she saw one student whose foot was severed," Bruce Howard said. "There were others pinned under the bus."

Lesley Howard and three other students from Montgomery County were aboard the bus with other students who were attending a month-long cultural enrichment program at Magdalene College in Oxford, and had almost completed their second week of classes.

Howard, along with Julia Dunn and Sonny Cooper, both 17, of Potomac, were released from a hospital after the accident. The condition of a fourth local student, Steven Scolnik, 16, of Potomac, could not be learned last night.

Bruce Howard said his daughter told him local people were "very kind" and that one motorist stopped and sat with her.

He said students "have the choice to stay or leave the program," and that his daughter would stay in England at least through today to visit injured students at the hospital.

Leo J. Dunn, father of Winston Churchill High School student Julia Dunn, said his daughter suffered a sprained ankle. He said his daughter and Sunny Cooper, a neighbor, were released from a hospital after being examined.

"She said the driver seemed confused about where he was going," Dunn said his daughter told him in one of two calls home yesterday.

Dunn said a new friend of his daughter's was killed in the accident and she and other students had received psychological counseling after the accident.

{The Associated Press quoted Max Koltuv, a 16-year-old New Yorker who broke several bones in his hand, as saying he and three others were sitting in the front row on the top deck of the bus.

{"I knew it was going too fast when it began to turn off the road. Suddenly, it began to tip, and it rolled right over onto the embankment. The four of us were thrown through the front window and out into the grass, clear of the bus," he said.}