HAVANA, JULY 20 -- Five more Cubans slipped past police and entered the Spanish Embassy here today as Cuba stepped up a war of words with Spain over Cuban refugees sheltering at the mission.

An embassy spokesman said a young couple with an infant managed to elude a heavy police guard outside and enter the hall of the embassy.

Almost simultaneously, two young Cubans, who also apparently eluded Cuban police, climbed over the fence at the back of the embassy and asked to be allowed to leave the country. A sixth Cuban, a man in his 30s, who tried to run through the front door with the couple, was grabbed by police and dragged away, the spokesman said.

Four Cubans already have sought asylum at the Spanish Embassy, sparking a bitter quarrel between the two countries, whose relations have been traditionally cordial because of their close historic and cultural links.

The official Communist Party newspaper, Granma, published a full-page article setting out Cuba's position in its week-old quarrel with Madrid over the asylum seekers. Granma's display included a cartoon ridiculing Spanish Foreign Minister Francisco Fernandez Ordonez. Madrid recalled its ambassador Wednesday.

Cuba has said it will not allow any asylum seekers at foreign embassies to leave. Four Cubans also are sheltering at the Italian ambassador's residence in Havana.