SENATE Meets at 9 a.m. Committees: Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry -- 10 a.m. Open. Authorize the president to designate a private nonprofit foundation as eligible to receive funds for the purpose of promoting community tree planting. 332 Russell Office Building. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. District of Columbia subc. Mark up FY91 appropriations. 192 Dirksen Office Building. Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Proposal by the administration to transfer jurisdiction of stock index futures from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to the Securities and Exchange Commission. 538 DOB. Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Housing and urban affairs subc. Examine the financial condition of the Federal Housing Administration. 562 DOB. Budget -- 10 a.m. Open. Mark up draft legislation to revise the federal budget process, including proposals to remove the Social Security system from deficit calculations. 608 DOB. Commerce, Science and Transportation -- 10:30 a.m. Open. Communications subc. Permit telephone companies to originate video programming. 253 ROB. Energy and Natural Resources -- 10 a.m. Open. Water and power subc. Direct the interior secretary to establish and implement power operating criteria at Glen Canyon Dam and to protect the environmental and recreational resources of the Grand Canyon National Park. 366 DOB. Energy and Natural Resources -- 2 p.m. Open. Water and power subc. Authorize reimbursement by the interior secretary of certain expenditures at the Minidoka Project; provide for the transfer of the Platoro Reservoir to the Conejos Water Conservancy District in Colorado and for the protection of fish habitat on the Conejos River; provide further relief to the Vermejo Conservancy District from its repayment obligation for the Vermejo reclamation project; amend the Warren Act to expand the purposes for which excess storage or carrying capacity in reclamation projects may be used. 366 DOB. Finance -- 10 a.m. Open. Nominations of Stanford Ross and David Walker to be members of the board of trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Old-Age Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund. 215 DOB. Foreign Relations -- 10 a.m. Closed. Consider the threshold ban treaty and the peaceful nuclear explosions treaties with the U.S.S.R. and on the verifications protocols for each. S-116 Capitol. Foreign Relations -- 2 p.m. Open. European affairs subc. Examine the Soviet disunion and the growing nationalities problem. 419 DOB. Foreign Relations -- 5 p.m. Open. Nominations to be ambassadors of Richard Brown to Uruguay; G. Philip, Barbados and to serve concurrently to the Commonwealth of Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; George Fleming Jones, Guyana; Eugene Scassa, Belize; Michael Martin Skol, Venezuela. 419 DOB. Governmental Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Examine how the government makes use of asset forfeitures, which include all property confiscated, such as cash seized in a drug bust. 342 DOB. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Comprehensive Thrift and Bank Fraud Prosecution Act of 1990. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh. 226 DOB. Judiciary -- 2 p.m. Open. Antitrust, monopolies and business rights subc. Consider the issuing of subpoenas in the Bluebonnet probe. 226 DOB. Labor and Human Resources -- 10 a.m. Open. Labor subc. Review the enforcement of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1975 and the Bush administration proposals to improve pension protections. 430 DOB. Democratic Conference -- 12:30 p.m. Closed. S-207 Cap. Republican Policy -- 12:30 p.m. Closed. S-211 Cap.

HOUSE Meets at 11 a.m. Committees: Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. Interior subc. Mark up FY91 bill. B-308 Rayburn House Office Building. Appropriations -- 11:30 a.m. Open. Legis. subc. Mark-up FY91 bill. H-301 Capitol. Armed Services -- 10 a.m. Closed. Seapower and strategic and critical mat'ls. subc. Receive classified briefing from CIA and DOD on the SSN-21 Seawolf submarine program. 2 p.m. Open. Seawolf program. 2118 RHOB. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Domestic monetary policy subc. Fed. Reserve monetary report to Congress. 2128 RHOB. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 1 p.m. Open. Intl. competitiveness task force. U.S. insurance industry in global markets. 2359A RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 9 a.m. Open. Europe and Mideast subc. Developments in Europe. 2200 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Report of the Commission for Study of Intern'l. Migration and Economic Development. 2172 RHOB. Government Operations -- 2 p.m. Open. Legis. and natl. security subc. Federal Council on Women Act. 2154 RHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Mining and natural res. subc. Bureau of Mines safety and tech. programs. 2226 RHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Natl. parks and pub. lands subc. Legislative proposals for old growth forests. 1324 Longworth House Office Building. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Establish tribal cattle herd project. 304 Cannon House Office Building. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Pending business. 2141 RHOB. Science, Space and Technology -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Space sci. and applications subc. NASA's Earth Observing System program. 2325 RHOB. Ways and Means -- 10 a.m. Open. Health subc. Health insurance options. 1100 LHOB. Ways and Means -- 1 p.m. Open. Social Security subc. Tax treatment of cash tips. B-318 RHOB. Select on Aging -- 10 a.m. Open. Housing and consumer interests subc. Women health care consumers. 2318 RHOB.