NEW YORK -- Police yesterday said three suspects showed no remorse when they were charged with murdering a 9-month-old infant by blindly firing through a door to settle a dispute with the infant's uncle.

An angry Mayor David N. Dinkins, questioned about the fourth slaying of a child in the city in eight days, asserted that the random violence does not mean the city is out of control. "This is not Dodge City," he said.

Gunmen went to an apartment in the Bronx on Monday and fired repeatedly through the door. "Behind that door, Rayvon Jamison sat in a child's walker and was struck by at least one of those shots," Police Commissioner Lee Brown said.

Brown said the three suspects under arrest were trying to gun down the infant's uncle, Joseph Jamison, 29. "He was the object of the shooting. The child was the victim of the senseless violence," Brown said.

Jamison had chastised one of the suspects last Thursday for a throwing a bottle and animosity escalated over the weekend, Brown said.

The nature of the dispute "gives a clear message that the value or the sanctity of life means little to someone who has easy access to weapons," he added.

"No remorse was shown by the three men" when they learned of the child's death, Detective Ellen Hale said.

The suspects were charged with second-degree murder, criminal possession of a deadly weapon, and reckless endangerment, Brown said.