Depending on which poll one believes, Kansas Gov. Mike Hayden (R) is either on the verge of being knocked off Tuesday in his party's primary or is poised to win renomination to a second term.

His campaign held a news conference Friday to criticize three polls released in the past week that show his principal primary challenger, Wichita real estate agent Nestor Weigand, either narrowing the gap or moving in front of Hayden.

Hayden's pollster, Jay Townsend, called those polls "inaccurate" because they do not properly screen for likely Republican voters. Townsend said Hayden remains in front by 2-1. Weigand's campaign manager, Richard Rue, criticized Hayden's poll, saying it oversamples voters from his strongest region.

The overriding issue in the race has been Hayden's handling of a reclassification of state property taxes that resulted in double-digit property tax increases for most Kansans.

Weigand, a former head of the National Association of Realtors, also has accused Hayden of running a bloated bureaucracy, while Hayden has blasted Weigand for supporting a property tax cap that would benefit developers. Weigand is anti-abortion and Hayden favors abortion rights.

Watching this unfold from a not-so-discreet distance is former governor John W. Carlin (D), who is expected to win the Democratic primary on Tuesday. It was during Carlin's tenure that the voters approved the property tax reclassification that has caused such a furor this year, so he could face his own problems with the issue.