CAIRO, AUG. 5 -- The exiled emir of Kuwait told his embattled people in a televised speech today they are not alone in the face of "cowardly aggression" and pledged that Kuwait would restore its independence and sovereignty.

"Brothers, we are not alone in confronting the aggression. The Arabs and Moslems are with us. So are the countries of the world, which did not hesitate to raise their voice to condemn the aggression," Sheik Jabir Ahmed Sabah said in a taped address that was beamed to Kuwait by Egyptian television.

Saying that he was speaking "as feelings of pain and grief squeezed my heart," Sabah declared that the Iraqi invaders "would never conquer our will, and we will never surrender to aggression." The emir, who took refuge in neighboring Saudi Arabia when Iraq sent troops and tanks into his oil-rich Persian Gulf land Thursday, praised Kuwaitis for their "courageous stand and brave resistance" and paid tribute to the "brave and relentless resistance demonstrated by the Kuwaiti armed forces, the national guard, the police and the ordinary people.

"Our dear Kuwait has suffered a cowardly aggression," he said. "This small, safe and peaceful country was overrun by hundreds of tanks, tens of thousands of troops. Its clear skies were clouded by aircraft spreading terror and destruction.

"We are grieved, brothers, because the source of this cowardly aggression was not a known enemy . . . but a brother and close neighbor whom we supported during his plight. And we have suffered a lot as a result of that."

Kuwait, along with other Arab gulf states, supported Iraq with billions of dollars during its eight-year war with Iran.