UNITED NATIONS, AUG. 9 -- The following is the text of a U.N. Security Council resolution declaring Iraq's annexation of Kuwait null and void. It was adopted today by all 15 council members and was the third council resolution on Iraq in a week. Resolution 660 Aug. 2 condemned the invasion and Resolution 661 Aug. 6 imposed worldwide economic sanctions:

RECALLING its resolutions 660 and 661 (1990);

GRAVELY alarmed by the declaration by Iraq of a "comprehensive and eternal merger" with Kuwait;

DEMANDING, once again, that Iraq withdraw immediately and unconditionally all its forces to the positions in which they were located on 1 August 1990;

DETERMINED to bring the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq to an end and to restore the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Kuwait;

DETERMINED also to restore the authority of the legitimate Government of Kuwait;

{The U.N. Security Council}

1. DECIDES that annexation of Kuwait by Iraq under any form and whatever pretext has no legal validity, and is considered null and void;

2. CALLS UPON all states, international organizations, specialized agencies not to recognize that annexation, and to refrain from any action or dealing that might be interpreted as an indirect recognition of the annexation;

3. FURTHER DEMANDS that Iraq rescind its actions purporting to annex Kuwait;

4. DECIDES to keep this item on its agenda and to continue its efforts to put an early end to the occupation.