RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, AUG. 9 -- The following excerpts are taken from the text of King Fahd's television address:

The painful and regrettable events developed as of the dawn of Aug. 2 in a manner that took the entire world by surprise -- when the Iraqi forces overran sister Kuwait in the most horrible aggression the Arab nation has known in its modern history. This rendered the people of Kuwait homeless and afflicted them with insufferable pains.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia expresses its deep denunciation of the aggression on sister state Kuwait and declares its categoric rejection of all the measures and announcements that followed the assault. Likewise, statements from Arab leaderships, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Gulf Cooperation Council, and all Arab and international organizations and authorities rejected them.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirms its demand that the situation in the sister state of Kuwait be restored to what it was before the Iraqi invasion and the return of the ruling family led by His Highness Sheik Jabir al-Ahmed al-Sabah, the emir and his government.

The governments of the United States of America and Britain and other states hastened by virtue of the bonds of friendship between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and these states to send air and land troops to help the Saudi armed forces perform their duty in defense of the homeland and the nation against any aggression, while affirming that this measure is not directed against anyone but is a purely defensive measure dictated by the circumstances that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is confronting.

It is worth noting that these forces will participate in joint exercises with the Saudi armed forces and their presence on Saudi territory will be temporary. They will leave here as soon as the kingdom so demands. We ask God to guide our steps for the good of our faith, and the safety of our lands.