CAIRO, AUG. 10 -- Following is a partial text of a resolution approved by 12 Arab countries at the end of an emergency summit called to discuss Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait:

The Arab summit which convened in Cairo Aug. 10, 1990 has decided:

-- To confirm a resolution passed by the Arab League Council {of foreign ministers} Aug. 3 and a resolution issued by the Islamic Conference Organization Aug. 4.

To confirm {U.N.} Security Council resolutions 660 dated Aug. 2, 661 dated Aug. 6 and 662 dated Aug. 9 as an expression of legitimacy.

To condemn Iraqi aggression against the brotherly state of Kuwait and not to recognize Iraq's decision to annex Kuwait or any other results arising from the invasion of Iraqi troops of Kuwaiti territory. It demands Iraq withdraws its troops from Kuwait immediately and returns it to the state it was in before Aug. 1.

To confirm Kuwait's sovereignty, its independence and regional security being a member state in the Arab League and the United Nations. It also insists on the return of its {Kuwait's} legitimate government which was present before the Iraqi invasion. It supports all measures taken to free its land and fulfill its sovereignty.

To denounce Iraqi threats to gulf Arab states and to denounce Iraq's buildup of armed forces on the borders of Saudi Arabia. It confirms total Arab solidarity with the kingdom and with other gulf Arab states.

It supports measures taken by Saudi Arabia and other gulf Arab states to defend their legitimate rights according to Article two of the joint Defense and Economic Cooperation Pact between Arab League states and Article 51 in the United Nations charter and Security Council Resolution 661, dated Aug. 6. These measures should be stopped immediately after the total withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait and the return of Kuwait's legitimate authority.

To respond to Saudi Arabia and other gulf Arab states' request to transfer Arab forces to support their armed forces to defend their land and regional security against any outside aggression.

The emergency Arab summit has commissioned the Arab League secretary general to follow up the execution of this decision and to issue a report on it within 15 days to the league's council to take appropriate measures.