Another political comeback attempt by former Chicago mayor Jane M. Byrne (D)?

Byrne, who has been feuding with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (D) for years, said in interviews with the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune last week that she is leaning toward opposing Daley's 1991 reelection bid.

Byrne said that if she ran, she would challenge Daley in February's Democratic primary. The general election is in April.

Byrne clearly would be an underdog, but if she ran in a three-way race with Daley and a black candidate, Byrne could spoil Daley's reelection bid as she believes he did hers in 1983. Byrne, who was elected mayor in 1979, narrowly lost to Harold Washington in the 1983 Democratic primary when she and Daley split the white vote. Washington also defeated her in a 1987 rematch.

Byrne announced her retirement from politics after losing to Aurelia M. Pucinski in the 1988 Democratic primary for Cook County Circuit Court clerk. "I truly believe that politically, it's over for me. . . . I don't plan to run again," she said at the time.

But Byrne told the Sun-Times last week that she has "been getting encouragement" to run "from throughout the city, blacks, Hispanics and white ethnics."

When he was reached by the Sun-Times, an incredulous Daley asked, "Is she really running?"