If White House and congressional budget negotiators reach an agreement, it could be known as "the Andrews Accord."

The talks aimed at agreeing on a package of tax increases and spending cuts to pare the budget deficit are likely to move to an office building on Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, perhaps as early as Sept. 6, congressional participants said yesterday.

The sessions are expected to last into the night and the bargainers and their staffs will probably be offered sleeping quarters at the base. Few lawmakers are expected to accept, though.

By moving the talks from the Capitol, where lawmakers are often interrupted by aides, visiting constituents and other congressional business, negotiators hope to sharpen their focus on trying to devise a deficit-reduction package by Sept. 10. The bargainers would like to be able to implement a hoped-for plan with legislation by Oct. 2, one day after fiscal 1991 begins.

Richard G. Darman, director of the Office of Management and Budget, originally suggested going to Camp David, the presidential retreat. But lawmakers complained that there would not be enough accommodations for their staffs.

Also considered were the Wye Plantation, a conference center on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and -- briefly -- the Key West Naval Air Station in Florida, participants said.

The full negotiating group last met July 24.

The move would also insulate the bargainers from reporters and lobbyists. Daily briefings for reporters had been considered, but do not appear likely.

Some lobbyists are already thinking of ways of getting their messages to the bargainers. The head of a group seeking to preserve the federal deductibility of state and local income taxes joked about renting all available billboards along the route between the base and the District.