NICOSIA, CYPRUS, AUG. 17 -- Iraq taunted U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia today, telling them that they would be swallowed by the desert dunes while their women back home consorted with rich Arabs.

"Didn't you hear that the sand dunes in the Arabian desert move, and they have swallowed up many people and they will swallow you?" Iraqi radio said in English broadcasts transmitted to Saudi Arabia, where more than 30,000 U.S. troops are stationed.

"To the American soldier in the Saudi Arabia desert: It's a fixed fact that if the land is unknown for the soldier, he will be defeated," said the radio broadcast, monitored by the British Broadcasting Corp.

"So why do you come to a land which you are not familiar with, its people and its nature? Fighters here do not hesitate to use anything to defend their homeland.

"You, the American soldier in the Saudi Arabia desert, are taking such a risk in participating in this campaign, and your family is suffering from the burden of life.

"How do you fight against Iraq, knowing that there are more than 200 churches in it? Do you want to kill a Christian like yourself and to be killed by him?

"Will you be pleased to be terminated like this?

"Remember what the petrol emirs are doing with American girls. Do you want to defend them?" the radio asked.