NEW DELHI, AUG. 20 -- India placed its troops on alert across its northern border with Pakistan today after clashes were reported with Pakistani troops in a remote area of the disputed state of Kashmir.

Describing the clashes as "a major border incident," the news agency United News of India said that according to unconfirmed reports 10 Pakistani soldiers were killed and five wounded in the clashes.

The border conflict reportedly occurred in the Kupwara sector of Kashmir, about 60 miles northeast of Srinagar, summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir -- India's only Moslem-majority state.

Earlier, Pakistani troops had fired heavy artillery with explosive shells at Indian border posts in Jammu and Kashmir, according to an Indian government spokesman.

In Islamabad, a Pakistani Defense Ministry spokesman denied the reported incident. But in New Delhi, an Indian defense official said that all troops along the Indian-Pakistani border in the region had been put on alert following the incident.

Indian defense officials in Srinagar called the border conflict "serious" and said some of the Pakistani shells had landed a half-mile inside Indian territory.

Today in Pakistani-held Azad (Free) Kashmir, Prime Minister Mumtaz Rathore ordered mandatory military training for all males. "Responsibility for the whole of the Kashmir nation is on my shoulders," Rathore told thousands of supporters in the region's capital, Muzzaffarabad.

A senior aide to Rathore said military training would also be given to Moslem militants spearheading the secessionist uprising in Jammu and Kashmir, where an estimated 950 people have died since Hindu India launched a crackdown on Moslem separatism in January.

The aide said Rathore did not seek prior approval from Islamabad, which is responsible for the region's defense, diplomatic relations and finances, before making the announcement.