Already far outdistancing his Republican rivals in the Sept. 4 primary, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Jim Gallaway got a big shot of publicity this week when he was called to active duty by the Marine Corps because of the Persian Gulf crisis.

Gallaway, a Marine reserve colonel who spent five years on active duty, including time in Vietnam, has reported to Marine Corps headquarters in Arlington, where he will serve as deputy director of logistics plans, policies and strategic mobility.

Gallaway said he does not think his stint, which he said he expects to last about 10 days, will hamper his campaign. Consultant Mike McGuire said the campaign will not promote Gallaway's call to active duty.

Gallaway, a California businessman who moved to Nevada two years ago, has put $300,000 of his money into the race for the right to challenge Gov. Bob Miller (D) in November. He has ignored his six GOP rivals and focused on Miller.

Gallaway supports abortion rights and opposes any tax increases, while Miller is antiabortion and backs a payroll tax plan. Although Miller is very popular, early polls show that when voters are told the tax and abortion positions of the two candidates, Gallaway gains an advantage.