Following is a partial list of the units called up or placed on alert by President Bush's order. It includes a separate category of reserves, many from Air National Guard units, who had volunteered and were activated prior to the order. Many of the units were only partially mobilized; numbers are given where available.

ARIZONA -- Called up: 2221st Quartermaster Company, Tucson, and the 2220th Transportation Company, Phoenix. Volunteered and activated previously: Members of the 161st Refueling Group and elements of the 11th Signal Brigade.

ARKANSAS -- On alert: 212th Signal Battalion, North Little Rock.

ALABAMA -- On alert: 1241st Adjutant General Company, Montgomery; 1207th Quartermaster Detachment, Wetumpka; 167th Logistics, Birmingham; 123rd Combat Support Company, Goodwater; 1659th Transportation Detachment, Troy; 226th Combat Support, Mobile; 167th Transportation Center, Troy; 167th Logistics Center, Homewood; 167th Combat Support, Montgomery; 1128th Transportation Company, Clayton; 1208th Quartermaster Company, Lineville; 715th Combat Support Company, Birmingham; 1207th U.S. Army Hospital, Tuskegee; 907th Chemical Detachment, Birmingham; 375th Transportation Group, Mobile; 318th Chemical Company, Birmingham; 287th Transportation Company, Livingston, and 498th Transportation Company, Mobile. Volunteered and activated previously: 111 members of the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing; 26 members of the 226th Combat Communications Group from Gadsden.

CALIFORNIA -- Volunteered and activated previously: 17 members of the 162nd Combat Communications Group.

DELAWARE -- Volunteered and activated previously: 60 members of the 166th Tactical Airlift Group.

GEORGIA -- Called up: Naval Reserve NSCO Mideast 313, Atlanta; Medical Individual Mobilization Augmentee 10802a, Atlanta, and the Naval Reserve Medical Clinic from Marietta. On alert: 164 members of the 1148th Transportation Company, Augusta; 237 members of the 166th Maintenance Company, Hinesville. Volunteered and activated previously: Six members of the 224th Joint Support Communications Squadron, Brunswick; 30 members of the 283rd Combat Communications Squadron, Savannah.

ILLINOIS -- On alert: 1244th Transportation Company, Cairo, and Company E of the 106th Aviation, Decatur. Volunteered and activated previously: 108 members of the 126th Air Refueling Wing.

KANSAS -- Volunteered and activated previously: 500 members of the 190th Air Refueling Group.

KENTUCKY -- Called up: 13 members of the 217th Quartermaster Detachment; eight members of the 137th Transportation Detachment.

MAINE -- On alert: Military Sealift Command Reserve, Bangor; Hospital Unit, Augusta.

MARYLAND -- Called up: 756th Military Airlift Squadron, Andrews Air Force Base.

MICHIGAN -- On alert: 107 members of the 106th Aviation Regiment, Grand Ledge; 56 members of 1438th Engineer Detachment, Camp Grayling; 173 from the 1461st Transportation Company, Jackson; 13 from the 1009th Transportation Corps, Lansing.

MASSACHUSETTS -- Called up: 337th Military Airlift Squadron, Westover Air Force Base; MIUW 201, Lawrence, and Naval Reserve Medical Unit, South Weymouth.

MISSISSIPPI -- Called up: 183rd Military Airlift Squadron, Jackson.

MISSOURI -- Called up: 1138th Military Police Company, West Plains and Doniphan. Volunteered and activated previously: 200 members of the 139th Tactical Airlift's Group, St. Joseph.

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Volunteered and activated previously: 40 members of the 157th Air Refueling Group.

NEW JERSEY -- Volunteered and activated previously: 170th Air Refueling Group, 732nd Military Airlift Squadron, McGuire Air Force Base.

NEW YORK -- Called up: 105th Military Airlift Group, Stewart; 181 members of the 719th Transportation Company, New York City.

NORTH CAROLINA -- Volunteered and activated previously: 21 members of the 156th Aeromedical Evacuation Flight.

OHIO -- Volunteered and activated previously: 14 members of the 160th Air Refueling Group; 20 members of the 179th Tactical Airlift Group, and 20 members of the 179th Tactical Airlift Group.

RHODE ISLAND -- Called up: Medical Unit IMA 10143-A, Providence. Volunteered and activated previously: Three members of the 143rd Tactical Airlift Group.

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Called up: 176 members of the 132nd Military Police Company, Florence, and 14 members of the 265th Quartermaster Detachment, Allendale. Volunteered and activated previously: 25 members of the 228th Signal Brigade.

SOUTH DAKOTA -- On alert: 155th Engineer Utilities Detachment, Rapid City; 747th Transportation Detachment, Rapid City; and 57th Transportation Detachment, Brookings.

TENNESSEE -- Volunteered and activated previously: 80 members of the 134th Air Refueling Group; 18 members of the 118th Tactical Airlift Wing; members of the 164th Military Airlift Group.

TEXAS -- Called up: 136th Mobile Aerial Port Squadron, Dallas, to provide an airlift terminal and cargo managers. Volunteered and activated previously: 11 members of the 136th Tactical Aircraft Wing.

UTAH -- Called up: 18 members of the 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion, Draper; 14 members of the 120th Quartermaster Detachment, American Fork. Volunteered and activated previously: 25 members of the 151st Refueling Group and three members of the 169th Electronic Security Squadron.

WASHINGTON -- Called up: 146 members of the 1118th Transportation Company and seven members of the 1444th Transportation Detachment.

WEST VIRGINIA -- On alert: 254th Transportation Company. Volunteered and activated previously: 196 members of the 167th Tactical Airlift Group, 130th Tactical Airlift Group.

WISCONSIN -- Volunteered and activated previously: 69 members of the 128th Air Refueling Group.SOURCE: Associated Press