Following are the latest estimates of the military deployment of forces in the region:

IRAQ: Total armed forces are up to 1 million men with 5,500 tanks. About 170,000 of its troops and 500 tanks entrenched in defensive positions in Kuwait. British Defense Secretary Tom King has denied reports Iraq has deployed 36 mobile missile launchers in the emirate capable of firing high explosive or chemical warheads.

SAUDI ARABIA: Army of 38,000, paramilitary National Guard of 56,000, 7,200-strong navy and air force of 16,500. Weapons include 550 main battle tanks, 180 combat aircraft and eight frigates. Some 36 Kuwaiti planes are said to have escaped during the Aug. 2 invasion and are now in Saudi Arabia.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Has a 40,000-strong army with over 200 tanks, an air force of 1,500 men with 80 combat planes and a 1,500-man navy with 15 warships. Has agreed to accept basing of foreign troops.

OTHER ARAB FORCES: Sent to Saudi Arabia after an Arab summit; includes 5,000 men from Egypt, 1,000 from Morocco and 1,200 from Syria.

UNITED STATES: Over 100,000 troops committed to the gulf, with some 40,000 active troops already in Saudi Arabia and another 60,000 or so en route. There are also nearly 35,000 sailors or naval airmen aboard 60 warships either in or heading for the region. The majority of 46,000 reservists called up are expected to be sent to Saudi Arabia.

The American task force comprises four aircraft carrier groups with some 300 planes plus the battleship Wisconsin. Another 180 combat planes are in Saudi Arabia, including 20 radar-evading Stealth aircraft.

FRANCE: Has 3,500 men aboard four warships already in the gulf and the aircraft carrier Clemenceau en route. It has agreed to send reconnaissance units to the U.A.E. and military instructors to Saudi Arabia. Combat planes, warships and troops from Djibouti and the Indian Ocean bring its total strength in the crisis zone to 8,500 men.

BRITAIN: Has four warships in the gulf and three minesweepers heading there. It is to send a 12-aircraft squadron of Tornado fighter-bombers to Bahrain to supplement the 12 Tornados already in Saudi Arabia and 12 Jaguar jets in Oman.

ITALY: Has two frigates heading for the gulf. The Netherlands also has two frigates heading to the area, and Spain a frigate and two corvettes. Belgium and Greece have promised to send warships.

WEST GERMANY: Has sent three mine hunters, two minesweepers and a tender to the east Mediterranean to replace U.S. ships diverted to the gulf. It will provide U.S. forces with 10 Fuchs vehicles designed to test the air for chemical warfare agents.

AUSTRALIA: Has two warships en route to the gulf.

SOVIET UNION: Has two warships in the gulf.

PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH: Have expressed readiness to send troops to Saudi Arabia and military sources in the two countries say each is likely to send some 5,000 men.

TURKEY: Has reinforced the Second Army group defending its southern borders by 10,000 men, bringing total strength in the area to 70,000. U.S. fighter-bombers are based in Turkey within striking distance of Iraq.

SOURCE: Reuter and U.S. Department of Defense