The State Department has issued notices regarding deadlines for making property claims in East Germany and in Nicaragua.

Last month, East Berlin authorities published a law providing for the registration of individual and corporate claims, including claims of non-German nationals, to property expropriated by the communist government. The State Department described the law as "the first step" in the process of returning expropriated property to private ownership.

The law initially set a Jan. 31, 1991, deadline for filing claims. The East German government has since moved up the filing deadline to Oct. 13.

The law concerns only the registration of claims, and the State Department said that later laws would provide standards for adjudicating claims.

The department also noted that the United States has pursued a lump-sum settlement of certain claims of U.S. citizens against the East German government, and that the department will continue to pursue a settlement.

In Nicaragua, the State Department said, the Managua government has issued a decree establishing a National Commission to Review Confiscations, which will handle claims arising from confiscation of property by the Ortega government.

The department said that persons with claims against Nicaragua for property loss have until Nov. 6 to register their claims.

The department noted that the U.S. government has no role in this program, and that further information could be obtained through the Nicaraguan Embassy here.