CARSON CITY, NEV., SEPT. 5 -- Gov. Bob Miller crushed five Democratic challengers in his bid for a full term in the job he inherited two years ago and businessman Jim Gallaway won an eight-way race for the Republican nomination in primary elections here Tuesday.

Nearly complete returns showed Miller with 66,998 votes, or 81 percent. "None of the Above" -- which appears on all Nevada ballots as a means of voter protest -- received 6,754 votes, or 8 percent. A long-shot hopeful who changed his name to Rhinestone Cowboy ran third with 2,308 votes, or 3 percent.

Lt. Gov. Miller moved up automatically after Gov. Dick Bryan (D) was elected to the Senate in 1988.

In the GOP race, Gallaway had 35,628 votes, or 50 percent, "None of the Above" drew 15,637 votes, or 22 percent, and builder Charlie Brown had 14,966 votes, or 21 percent.

Gallaway, a relative newcomer to the state, said Miller had shown "a total lack of leadership" as governor. Gallaway was accused by Brown of trying to buy the election with slick television ads.

Gallaway hopes to gain support from two issues in the fall campaign. He favors abortion rights and opposes a statewide payroll tax plan; Miller is antiabortion and backs the tax.