As Democratic National Committee (DNC) members meet here today to talk about the future and perhaps even winning a presidential election, a new survey finds that New York Gov. Mario M. Cuomo is the Democrat they would most like to see head the party ticket in 1992.

The survey of DNC members and state party chairmen to be published in next week's National Journal also shows that party leaders are not optimistic about Democratic chances of winning the presidency in 1992. When asked "on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest), how do you realistically assess the chances of the Democratic Party to regain the White House?" -- the average score was 2.8.

Cuomo was favored by 36 percent of respondents. Trailing him in the presidential preference survey were Sens. Bill Bradley (N.J.) with 15 percent, Lloyd Bentsen (Tex.) with 10 percent, Albert Gore Jr. (Tenn.) with 8 percent and Sam Nunn (Ga.) with 4 percent.

Curiously, Jesse L. Jackson, who has had the support of about 20 percent of DNC members, received no votes. That may have something to do with the feeling of party professionals that Jackson is not electable. In polls of rank-and-file Democrats, Jackson fares much better.