GATWICK, ENGLAND, SEPT. 14 -- An Iraqi Airways jet landed at Gatwick airport tonight with more than 350 evacuees, mostly American women and children from Kuwait, who told of dwindling opposition by Kuwaiti resistance fighters.

Galina Suliman, a passenger from San Francisco, said Kuwaiti groups were being systematically put down by the Iraqis. American Andrea Hanson, who arrived on the U.S.-chartered Boeing 747 with her 5-year-old son Zach, said Kuwaiti resistance groups did not have enough weapons to fight the Iraqis.

A British woman on the flight relayed one report of a group of 16 Kuwaitis being gunned down in the street by an Iraqi soldier as they sat around chatting.

The British domestic news agency, Press Association, said there were believed to be 275 Americans on board, 43 Canadians, 26 Britons, six Japanese, six Australians, two West Germans and a number of Indians, Syrians and Filipinos. North Americans on the plane were to be flown on to Baltimore-Washington International Airport on Saturday.

The airport official said 30 people due to fly to Gatwick had instead been detained at the plane's stop in Baghdad because they could not complete Iraqi exit formalities in time.

The 26-year-old British woman, who declined to gave her name for fear it might jeopardize her husband left behind in Kuwait, said the 16 Kuwaitis had been shot on a road near Kuwait City. "They were just sitting around chatting. We didn't talk about it too much. It had a very bad effect" on morale.