NEW YORK, SEPT. 23 -- Eighteen gasoline-filled molotov cocktails were found on roofs near two Korean markets that have been the focus of a boycott in Brooklyn, police said today.

Capt. Edward Voehl of the 70th precinct said police conducting a routine search found 18 beer bottles, filled with gasoline and stuffed with rags. Eight were in a cardboard box and 10 were scattered on connecting roofs on the same side of Church Avenue as Family Red Apple Market and across the street from Park Fruits.

"We don't know who did this or for what purpose," said Voehl, adding, "Because of the close proximity to the Korean grocery stores, there's a possibility it's connected."

Mayor David N. Dinkins (D), attending a Korean thanksgiving festival in Queens, said the firebombs would "receive the highest priority of the Police Department." Dinkins shopped at the two stores Friday, symbolizing his administration's opposition to the nine-month boycott.

The black-led boycott began after a Haitian female customer allegedly was kicked and punched by a Red Apple employee Jan. 18.

The market owners and boycotters said they had not been questioned by police about the incendiary devices. One protester suggested the firebombs were planted by police as "another tactic to make the boycotters look like we're terrorists or guerrillas."