It used to be Ms. Inside and Ms. Outside, but now Ms. Inside is out.

When Susan Engeleiter took over as head of the Small Business Administration and Katherine "Kay" Bulow became her deputy, they seemed to have the makings of a smooth team. Engeleiter, a well-connected Republican political operative from Wisconsin, would give the speeches, work the hustings and watch the big picture, while Bulow, fresh from five years as assistant secretary for administration at the Commerce Department, would see to the day-to-day details.

But apparently Bulow's management style, which one former agency employee described, after a pause, as "direct," made her a steadily growing supply of enemies, both inside the agency and among its small business clientele, and last week she was sent packing.

Engeleiter, who said she will name Bulow interim director of the National Women's Council, said in a statement that the departure was "because of differences in management styles and philosophy," and was by mutual consent. Agency spokeswoman Mary Crawford strongly denied published reports that the White House had stepped in to oust Bulow.

Engeleiter will name June Nichols, SBA regional director in Atlanta, to Bulow's post temporarily while searching for a replacement.