The 1990 elections are yet to be resolved, but Democratic House members already are plotting for the 1992 races. Rep. Vic Fazio (Calif.), who earlier took himself out of the running to become the next chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is coming under heavy pressure from his colleagues to reconsider, and House insiders say chances are good that he will seek the post.

The position opens at the end of the year when the term of Rep. Beryl F. Anthony Jr. (Ark.) expires. Despite arguments by House Democrats that House Speaker Thomas S. Foley (Wash.) should name a successor early to get a jump on the critical 1992 reelection cycle, Foley is not expected to move until after the Nov. 6 election.

Supporters of Fazio, one of the most popular Democrats in the House, are working to convince the California Democrat that he wants the job. Fazio, vice chairman of the House Democratic caucus, has been reluctant because of the time and travel demands of the post.

But Fazio's colleagues are telling him his expertise on redistricting and his proven skills as a fund-raiser make him the perfect chairman for 1992, when the House's Democratic majority could be endangered by reapportionment.