LA PAZ, BOLIVIA -- Leftist guerrillas attacked a U.S. Marine residence, killing a Bolivian policeman, and set off a bomb that destroyed a monument to former president John F. Kennedy, officials said yesterday.

A group calling itself the Nestor Paz Zamora Commando claimed responsibility for Wednesday night's attacks in calls to a radio station.

Two men opened fire on the Marine residence with submachine guns, according to U.S. Embassy spokesman Bruce Wharton. The two police officers guarding the residence were injured, and one of them died on the way to the hospital.

The gunmen tossed a package bomb at the door of the building, destroying the door and causing the front of the building to tilt. The three Marines inside were not hurt, Wharton said.

At midnight, a powerful bomb went off at the Kennedy statue in central La Paz. Several people near the statue suffered slight injuries.

The guerrillas said the attacks were "a response to the violation of our territorial and political sovereignty by imperialists from the north." Their statement denied a link to drug smugglers.

The group takes its name from the late brother of Bolivia's current president, Jaime Paz Zamora. Nestor Paz Zamora launched an unsuccessful guerrilla movement in Bolivia in 1970.