CAIRO, OCT. 13 -- Egyptian police today arrested several suspects in Friday's murder of parliamentary speaker Rifaat Mahgoub, the Egyptian news agency MENA said. It said the Interior Ministry has determined that the assassination was carried out by a well-trained team from outside the country.

MENA said the suspects were arrested while trying to leave the country on forged passports and were being questioned.

Mahgoub, 64, his driver and three guards were shot to death in an ambush as they drove past the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, yards away from the British and U.S. embassies. The four assassins fled by car and motorcycle.

Security sources suspected a possible foreign hand in the murders but did not rule out a local radical Moslem group like the one that killed president Anwar Sadat during a military parade nine years ago.

President Hosni Mubarak last week accused Iraq of sending teams of agents to carry out attacks in Egypt because of Cairo's opposition to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on Aug. 2. He said that several Iraqis had been caught and that more arrests were expected.

Today Mubarak led a state funeral for the slain legislator and his security men.

Units from the military services spearheaded the procession, followed by a military band and two dozen wreath-bearers. Behind them were four military jeeps carrying coffins of the four security men, draped in the red, white and black Egyptian flag.

A caisson bearing Mahgoub's coffin followed, also wrapped in the flag. It was drawn by three pairs of black horses.

Authorities said several civilians who witnessed the attack described the gunmen as in their twenties. They used motorcycles to flee through a tunnel into oncoming traffic that blocked their pursuers.

MENA said a motorcycle without license plates and spotted with blood was reported found in the northern Cairo suburb of Rod al-Farag. Police were still looking for a taxi used by one of the gunmen to escape.