MOSCOW, OCT. 18 -- Student protesters today dismantled a tent city in Kiev, capital of the Ukraine, after forcing the republic's Communist authorities to concede virtually all of their demands for greater independence from Moscow.

Concessions won by the students include the resignation of the Ukrainian prime minister, a new law forbidding the dispatch of conscripts outside the republic, and a referendum on whether to dissolve the Ukrainian legislature, or Soviet. In return, the 200 students called off a three-week-long hunger strike.

Deputies in the Soviet, which has a Communist majority, broke into applause Wednesday night after voting overwhelmingly to accept the students' demands. The opposition movement Rukh described the vote as the first serious step toward implementing a declaration of sovereignty adopted by the legislature in June.

"The students of the Ukraine and other East European countries have at last shown their strength," said Rukh leader Mykhail Horyn, at a rally held after the protesters voted to call off their hunger strike.

The latest ferment in the Ukraine, the Soviet Union's second-largest republic after Russia, represents a significant political development because of the region's size and historic role as part of the great Slavic heartland.

At its second congress next week, Rukh is expected to call for complete independence for the republic. At its inaugural congress in September 1989, it limited itself to proposals that the Soviet Union be transformed into a confederation of sovereign states.

The unofficial Soviet news agency Interfax quoted a student leader in Kiev as saying the traditional military parade on Nov. 7 marking the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution will be disrupted.

{The legislatures of the republics of Latvia and Armenia said they will challenge Gorbachev's decree requiring all major cities to hold parades on Nov. 7, and the chairman of the National Democratic Party of Georgia also urged his republic to prevent any parade in Tbilisi, its capital, the Associated Press reported.}