The national Republican Party is trying to organize the world.

There are 3 million American voters living abroad and surveys show that 80 percent of them are Republicans, according to William Ali Mills of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Those voters, he contends, can win elections for Republicans.

The GOP, with offices in 70 foreign countries (compared to 20 for the Democrats), has run advertisements in the International Herald Tribune and in local English language newspapers around the world encouraging Americans to register and vote.

"U.S. Citizens: Absentee voters win elections. Republican candidates depend on support from millions of overseas voters to win elections," the ads stated. It mentions a number of "targeted races" that "deserve your support," including the California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Michigan governors' races and Senate races in Illinois, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Michigan.

Mills said overseas absentee voters account for 2 to 4 percent of the vote. He noted that there are 250,000 Californians living overseas. "If we could bring in 5,000 to 6,000 votes in a close race, it could swing the election," he added.

Readers were given information on whom to contact and how to register. The ad reassured, "Remember, you are not liable for state taxes by voting."