BAGHDAD, IRAQ, OCT. 26 -- Iraqi occupation forces have seized two Americans who had been hiding in Kuwait to avoid capture, Western diplomats said today.

Uwe Jahnke, 47, of Washington Depot, Conn., and John Stevenson, 44, of Panama City, Fla., were brought to Baghdad on Oct. 22, a day after their arrest in Kuwait, said the diplomats, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

They said the two were taken to the government-run Mansour-Melia Hotel, where scores of other foreigners are being held.

Baghdad has refused to allow thousands of foreigners trapped by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait Aug. 2 to leave. Foreign women and children were eventually allowed to depart, and some men were released at the intervention of officials from their governments. Hundreds of others, including more than 100 Americans, were sent to strategic installations to deter a possible attack by U.S.-led forces that assembled in Saudi Arabia after the invasion.

Western diplomats were allowed access to the recently captured Americans, they said.

"They're obviously upset at being held by the Iraqi authorities, but otherwise they're just fine," one diplomat said.

The sources said Jahnke had worked with an investment company in Kuwait and Stevenson was an employee of the Bank of Kuwait.