HONOLULU, OCT. 28 -- Standing today near the site of the Japanese attack that drew the United States into World War II, President Bush said the world is once again confronted with a fight between "good and evil, right and wrong," and warned Iraqi President Saddam Hussein that he will be held accountable for his "outrageous" behavior.

The president used the setting to invoke again the lessons of World War II, saying the world paid dearly for appeasing Hitler. "We're not going to make that mistake again," he said.

Bush spoke to an enthusiastic audience of several thousand military people in an open-air hangar at Hickam Air Force Base, a few miles from Pearl Harbor. The speech came as the United States prepares to deploy an additional 100,000 troops to the Persian Gulf.

In addition, the United Nations is preparing to act on another resolution condemning Iraqi aggression in Kuwait, this one calling for Saddam to be held accountable for his treatment of foreign embassies and diplomats.

"Iraq has waged a war of aggression, plundered a peaceful neighbor, held innocents hostage and gassed its own people," Bush said. "Two weeks ago, I mentioned the Nuremberg Trials {in which Nazis were tried for World War II crimes}," he added. "Saddam Hussein must know: The stakes are high, the cause is just and today, more than ever, the determination is real."

On Tuesday, Bush meets with congressional leaders at the White House to review events in the gulf.

In an unusual move during an election year, Congress enacted an adjournment resolution that gave its leaders the power to call Congress back in session for an emergency.

Chief of Staff John H. Sununu said yesterday on ABC-TV's "This Week with David Brinkley" that "The president, depending on circumstances, will decide whether there is a need {to advise Congress in advance}, in terms of the level of provocation that occurs and the severity of the situation."

Bush said today that "America never went looking for a war." And in describing the current military buildup, he put the onus for potential conflict squarely on Iraq.

"Make no mistake," he said. "The decision for this deployment was not made in Washington. The decision for this deployment was made in Baghdad."

Bush recalled first seeing Pearl Harbor in the spring of 1944 as his ship passed through en route to Wake Island. The "clarion call" of the Japanese attack here crystallized the challenge that confronted the United States then, he said.

"Today in the Persian Gulf, the world is once again faced with a challenge of perfect clarity," he said. "Because today in the Persian Gulf, what we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong."

He decried the plunder of Kuwait by Iraqi troops, who he said ripped dialysis patients from their machines and removed 22 premature babies from incubators and sent the machines to Baghdad. "But you can't pull the plug on a nation," he said, "and the invasion of Kuwait will not stand."

Bush began his day with a round of golf at Hickam AFB and departed for San Francisco after his speech. He is scheduled to return to Washington Monday night.

Staff Writer Eleanor Randolph contributed to this report from Washington.