NEW YORK, OCT. 29 -- Leaders of striking Daily News unions planned an advertiser boycott today, and management blamed distribution problems on vandalism and theft.

The News said it distributed 906,000 copies of today's paper. The normal weekday circulation is 1.18 million.

In a statement, News Vice President John T. Sloan charged strikers with threatening vendors, vandalizing newsstands where the paper is sold and stealing bundled papers off the streets.

"I'm not aware of that," Mike Alvino, head of the drivers' union, told reporters.

The paper has published daily since the strike began Thursday night and spread to nine of its 10 unions. Union attorney Sam McKnight said a consumer boycott is planned Tuesday against companies that advertise in the newspaper.

Police Commissioner Lee P. Brown said officers had secured streets around the paper's Brooklyn printing plant but will not escort delivery trucks.

Police barricades ringed the News's headquarters today on 42nd Street where about three dozen pickets marched.

Bill Bell, a religion writer and columnist, said he returned to work today for reasons ranging from the "strictly altruistic to the selfish." He said The Newspaper Guild went on strike Friday after receiving misleading information that holders of editorial jobs were being replaced.