NEW YORK, NOV. 2 -- The scarred woman known as the Central Park jogger was cross-examined today for the first time since she was gang-raped and nearly beaten to death.

One defense lawyer refused to question her, but the other asked about her sex life, her job competence, her physical condition, her memory and whether she had been assaulted by the men in her life. Many of his questions were not answered because the prosecution's objections were sustained.

The woman, 30, is a vice president in the corporate finance department at Salomon Brothers, an investment banking firm. She testified last summer at the trial of three of those indicted in the attack. Today she approached the witness stand with an unsteady gait and nearly stumbled entering the box.

With her hair cut short and combed back from her face, a scar twisting from her left eyebrow to her rebuilt left cheekbone was visible. During questioning by Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Lederer, the woman described her hospitalization, her rehabilitation and the lingering effects of the battering April 19, 1989.

She was found naked, near death and covered with mud and blood in the park after being gang-raped and beaten. She had lost three-fourths of her blood, and her skull was broken in three places.

"I have difficulty with balance," she said. "I have double vision. I still have no sense of smell." She said she has to hold reading materials askew to focus on them. Her testimony was similar to what she said at the first trial.

Six teenagers were indicted for attacking the woman and two male joggers. Three were convicted of rape and assault in August but acquitted of attempted murder, and two are on trial now on the same charges in state court. The sixth is to be tried next year.

Kharey Wise, 18, and his codefendant, Kevin Richardson, 16, looked intently at the witness during much of her testimony.