JERUSALEM, NOV. 3 -- Soldiers firing live ammunition and rubber bullets fatally shot a Palestinian man and at least 89 people were hurt in riots set off by the death of an Arab detainee.

Arab reports put the number of injured during violence in the Gaza Strip at 120, which would make it one of the highest daily casualty figures during the 35-month-old Palestinian uprising.

The clashes underscored a rise in Arab-Israeli tensions since the killing of 20 Arabs at the Temple Mount on Oct. 8 and the subsequent stabbing deaths of three Israelis in Jerusalem.

The violence began after soldiers informed the family of Attiyah Abdel Atti Zanin, 36, in the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, that he had hanged himself in prison.

Zanin was detained 13 days ago for questioning about activism in the Palestine Liberation Organization, Israeli and Arab reports said. His body was found in Gaza City prison Friday night, dangling from a rope made of blankets, Prison Services spokeswoman Shulamit Meiri said.

She said the authorities believed the death was a suicide because he was alone in a cell and there were no signs of violence on the body. But Zanin's family demanded an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Rumors spread quickly through the town of 11,000 that Zanin had been killed by soldiers, spurring youths to take to the streets and stoning Israeli troops, Arab reports said.

Troops opened fire, killing Mohammed Izzat Abdullah Bassiouny, 36, according to the Arab reports. The army said Bassiouny was 29.

Riots spread from Beit Hanoun to six neighborhoods and refugee camps in the vicinity of nearby Gaza City, the reports added. Witnesses said soldiers sprayed tear gas from helicopters and used gravel-throwing machines in some spots to contain the violence.

The army said 89 Palestinians were moderately or slightly injured in Gaza. The military said the shooting was in response to "numerous riots," in Gaza. Four villages and refugee camps in Gaza were placed under curfew.

Arab reports said more than 100 Palestinians were wounded in these clashes. Of these, 49 were struck by live ammunition and 48 by rubber-coated metal bullets, the Arab reports said, citing hospital officials.