JERUSALEM, NOV. 4 -- The government today dismissed as "one-sided" a U.N. call for international protection of Arabs under Israeli occupation.

A Foreign Ministry statement castigated U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar for his report Thursday in which he suggested broadening the mandate of U.N. institutions in Israel to safeguard the 1.7 million Palestinians under occupation. Perez de Cuellar was making recommendations to the U.N. Security Council on how to respond to last month's killing of 17 Palestinians on Jerusalem's Temple Mount by Israeli authorities.

"The world community's continued preoccupation with this subject can only serve those forces who are interested in creating a link between the Arab-Israeli conflict and the {Persian} gulf crisis," the Israeli statement said.

The statement assailed a proposal for representatives of the 164 nations that signed the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which sets out rules for the treatment of civilians in wartime, to discuss how to protect Palestinians.

"Israel is disappointed at the one-sided approach exhibited in the report," it said. "The recommendations in the report are directed only toward Israel and do not see fit to call for a cessation of violence on the Palestinian side."

Israel has refused to accept a U.N. investigation into the Temple Mount incident, saying the inquiry would undermine its sovereignty in Jerusalem. A government-appointed panel defended the action by police, saying they faced a threat to their lives.