Following is a transcript of Sharon Pratt Dixon's victory speech at the Omni Shoreham Hotel last night:

The people of the District of Columbia have spoken. And they've sent a message. Clearly, unequivocally and almost universally. And the message is clear: They have said it is time to clean house!

The people of this town, I think, wanted everyone to know that they at last want an educational system that works for every child in this town.

They at last want some real economic opportunity for everybody in this town. They at last want a government that responds to them. At last in this town. And we are going to make it happen.

You know when I started out in this campaign, we often talked about to what extent people of this town were so deeply concerned about this drug epidemic and to what extent it had such an impact on our young people.

Almost everywhere you went in this town people spoke of this younger generation. They said they were such a troubled generation.

Well, I want you to understand tonight that I couldn't be here, I would not be here had it not been for the investment of an awful lot of young people who put it on the line.

They believed, they made the personal sacrifice, they had the resolve, they had the determination. And part of the youth of the candidacy is expressed by my own campaign manager, David Byrd.

There's nothing wrong with this generation. We just need to be there for them and give them a chance.

In fact, every time I went into the headquarters I felt like I was representing another generation all by myself. But I don't have to tell you that they gave me a whole lot of prepared things to say.

But I must tell you my heart is so full. Because, you see, I grew up in this city. I was born here. To be born here, educated here, just like my father, my aunt, my grandmother, my sister, my children, their father, I tell you, the joy of having the folks of your home town express this kind of confidence. My heart is full and I'm letting you know tonight.

D.C., I want you to know I am not going to let you down!

The . . . we celebrate tonight. We're going to gather again . . . community. We going to make it happen and my . . . we're going to give the best inaugural party that anybody has ever seen!

And then we're going to roll up our sleeves and get to work and serve this city, the people of Washington, D.C. We're going to make it happen together. Thank you all again, Washington, D.C. I thank you so much.

Again I want to thank this fine staff that hung in there with me for throughout this long ordeal. I want to thank my family for believing in me and Washington, D.C. I love you and thank you so much. We're gonna make it happen.