There are some things worth paying the price of higher taxes. Butterflies, for instance.

Voters in Pacific Grove, Calif., approved a tax increase Tuesday to purchase a habitat for thousands of monarch butterflies. Measure G, a $1.2 million bond issue, required two-thirds approval to pass. Sixty-nine percent of voters favored the measure, and 31 percent voted against it.

Developers and property-rights groups opposed the revenue bond issue to purchase and set aside a 2.7-acre habitat in this community known as "Butterfly Town USA." But butterfly lovers argued that protecting privately owned Diveley Grove would help save the butterfly population that winters in the grove and protect the town's special relationship with the orange and black butterfly.

The grove of Monterey pine and eucalyptus trees is one of the few remaining monarch wintering grounds in the western United States.

On the second Saturday of each October, schoolchildren dress as butterflies and march through this seaside Monterey Peninsula town of 16,000 to usher in the fall butterfly season.

The issue will raise the property tax rate by 1.5 cents per $100 of assessed valuation -- about $15 a year on a $100,000 home.