Calling himself a "follow-the-yellow-brick-road kind of guy," Palm Springs, Calif., Mayor Sonny Bono (R) announced that he plans to run for the Senate in 1992. Bono, formerly of Sonny and Cher fame, said Californians are tired of the status quo and are ready for "a guy from the streets, somebody like me."

"I'm not the slick, articulate talker that most politicians are, but what I say, I mean," Bono, 55, said at a news conference at his Palm Springs restaurant. "I think that's what the public is searching for more than anything today."

Bono acknowledged he would be viewed as a "maverick" in the race for one of two Senate seats that will be open in California in 1992 -- Gov.-elect Wilson is vacating his seat and Sen. Alan Cranston (D) has announced he will not seek reelection.

Bono said he will withhold a formal announcement until after political advisers evaluate his chances of winning. In the meantime, he will form a committee to begin fund-raising.

Bono called being mayor of Palm Springs "one of the hardest jobs there is" and asserted that his 31 months as mayor is preparation enough to be a senator.