"The economic sanctions should begin to bite pretty soon." -- President Bush on Aug. 8, six days after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

"Today, Saddam Hussein's Iraq has been cut off by the Arab and Islamic nations that surround it. . . . Sanctions are working." -- Bush in a speech to Pentagon employees, Aug. 15

"We're still giving sanctions the time to work, the time to be effective. . . . And I'm a little encouraged that perhaps they are having a strong effect." -- Bush at a news conference, Oct. 1

"Sanctions are beginning to be effective. They {Iraq} can't export oil, they can't get foreign exchange. They can't effect financial transactions. . . . This is going to take, if it happens, a substantial amount of time {for success}." -- Secretary of State James A. Baker III testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Oct. 17

"We believe it's beginning to have an effect, and that it will have an effect not only on the Iraqi economy but on this massive military machine he {Saddam} has in Kuwait." -- Secretary of Defense Richard B. Cheney at a news conference, Oct. 20

"I know that they {sanctions} have had some bite. We get different reports from countries near to Iraq. But I can't give you and the American people a total assessment of that question, and if I could, I would give you a better answer." -- Bush in a Cable News Network interview, Nov. 15

"We know that the sanctions are beginning to have some impact. . . . Tires are in short supply, other things. But we have no assurance whatsoever that those sanctions will result in the implementation of the {U.N.} resolutions {calling for an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait}. . . . Many major countries around the world anticipated at the beginning of this that sanctions would work inside of 3 1/2 months." -- Baker on ABC's "This Week With David Brinkley," Nov. 18