SEATTLE, NOV. 25 -- Twila Schamer will get to be a mom again.

Schamer and her husband, Christopher, parents of a 9-week-old son, were among 705 reservists with the Army's 50th General Hospital Unit called to active duty last week for a minimum of six months.

On Saturday, however, at a briefing for the unit's members and their families at Fort Lewis, Schamer was told she would be allowed to stay home with her baby, Jacob.

"It's kind of a mixed blessing," she said. "For me, it's nice that I get to stay home with Jake. But my husband's still leaving, so it's hard."

Christopher Schamer, 25, is a communications specialist. His wife, 26, a sergeant, has applied for a hardship exemption from her job as an administrative assistant in the nursing division. She said she won't be sent abroad because her unit has enough other people with her specialty.

The Schamers reported Saturday to Fort Lewis, where they were scheduled to go through orientation and training for deployment to the Persian Gulf or a domestic base in need of medical personnel.

The break with his family will be hard, Christopher Shamer said. "I'm really kind of dazed. There's a job to be done over there . . . but I'm just getting used to being a father now, and feeling that I may have to leave that behind for six months really hurts me," he said.