August 2, 1990 Resolution 660: Condemned the invasion of Kuwait. Demanded Iraq's unconditional, immediate withdrawal and called on both countries to begin negotiations.

(Adopted 14-0; Yemen did not participate)

August 6 Resolution 661: Imposed a trade and financial embargo on Iraq and occupied Kuwait. Established a special sanctions committee to implement the resolution, and called upon U.N. members to protect the assets of Kuwait around the world.

(Adopted 13-0; Cuba and Yemen abstained)

August 9 Resolution 662: Declared Iraq's annexation of Kuwait null and void.

(Adopted by unanimous vote)

August 18 Resolution 664: Demanded the immediate release of foreigners from Iraq and Kuwait and the right of diplomats to visit their nationals. Insisted that Iraq rescind its order closing diplomatic and consular missions in Kuwait.

(Adopted by unanimous vote)

August 25 Resolution 665: Called upon U.N. members with ships in the region to enfore sanctions by inspecting and verifying questionable cargoes and destinations.

(Adopoted 13-0; Cuba and Yemen abstained)

September 13 Resolution 666: Reaffirmed that Iraq was responsible for the safety and well-being of foreign nationals. Specified guidelines for the delivery of food and medical supplies.

(Adopted 13-2; Cuba and Yemen against)

September 16 Resolution 667: Condemned Iraqi aggression against diplomats and diplomatic compounds in Kuwait. Demanded the immediate release of foreign nationals.

(Adopted by unanimous vote)

September 24 Resolution 669: Emphasized that only the special sanctions committee had the power to permit food, medicine or other humanitarian aid shipments to Iraq or occupied Kuwait.

(Adopted by unanimous vote)

September 25 Resolution 670: Expanded the economic embargo to include air traffic in or out of Iraq and Kuwait, except for humanitarian aid authorized by the special sanctions committee. Called on U.N. member nations to detain Iraqi ships that could be used to break the naval embargo.

(Adopted 14-1; Cuba against)

October 29 Resolution 674: Demanded the release of hostages and an end to the mistreatment of Kuwaiti or other foreign nationals. Reminded Iraq that it is liabile for damages to foreigners or their property resulting from the invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

(Adopted 13-0; Cuba and Yemen abstained)

November 28 Resolution 677: Condemned Iraq's attempts to change KuwaitUs demographic composition. Also condemned Iraq's destruction of Kuwaiti civil records.

(Adopted by unanimous vote)

NOTE: The Security Council is composed of 15 members. Five are permanent: Britain, China, France, the Soviet Union and the United States. Ten non-permanent members are elected by the General Assembly to serve two-year terms. The non-permanent members this year are Canada, Columbia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Finland, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Romania, Yemen and Zaire.

SOURCE: United Nations; Associated Press