NEW YORK, DEC. 2 -- The Daily News printing plant in Brooklyn, where the five-week-old strike against the newspaper was born, was rocked by the explosions of powerful firecrackers early today, police said.

About a dozen M-80 firecrackers caused an undetermined amount of damage but no injuries were reported. The plant is being operated by replacement workers.

Police officer Scott Bloch said police also discovered a 6-inch pipe bomb and two unexploded M-80s taped to boxes of nails on a delivery ramp at the plant. The explosives were removed by the police bomb squad and destroyed.

In other incidents concerning the strikebound tabloid, police arrested two drivers of a Daily News delivery truck in Queens after finding two hunting knives, two air pistols and a .25-caliber automatic weapon on the floor of the truck, which witnesses said had been involved in a traffic accident.

In Manhattan, a veteran Daily News pressman was arrested on charges of assault, harassment and criminal mischief after allegedly roughing up a man planning to sell the Daily News and cutting bundles of papers, police said.

Union officials have warned that service disruption could occur during Monday's rush hour if protesters rally against the hawkers as expected at subway and rail stations.