He may be its president, but Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) is not one of the "heroes" of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA). Rangel fell short of hero status in the eyes of the liberal organization when he received an 89 percent voting rating from the ADA. Twenty-nine of his Democratic House colleagues, on the other hand, are certified "heroes," having received a perfect 100 percent rating.

The Voting Record is based on 18 key votes in the 101st Congress on domestic, budgetary and military issues. Some of the issues used to measure the "Liberal Quotient" included civil rights, family planning, the death penalty, defense spending, the budget and campaign finance reform. Each member was rated based on the number of times he or she voted in agreement with the ADA position.

Among the New York delegation, which ranks as one of the most liberal, 10 members scored higher than Rangel, including five who had a 100-percent rating.

To Rangel's credit, the ADA points out, he did not vote "wrong" on any of its issues, but he was absent for two key votes. He may not be a hero, one ADA member said, "but we consider him a real good sport."