JERUSALEM, DEC. 16 -- The United States today denounced Israel's decision to resume deporting Arab activists, but Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens said he would expel more if necessary to fight Palestinian violence.

Rejecting U.S. opposition to the planned deportation of four Arabs announced by Israel Saturday, Arens told Israeli radio, "I imagine that the expulsion decided yesterday will not be the last." He added: "We will not hesitate to use this means in the future in those cases where in our opinion it will be effective."

In Cairo, the Arab League demanded imposition of U.N. sanctions on Israel for such expulsions.

State Department spokesman Adam Shub said the United States deplored the decision to order deportations. "We made our position clear to Prime Minister {Yitzhak} Shamir during his recent visit and yesterday reiterated these views to the government of Israel," he said.

Israel renewed its deportation policy in hopes of ending a wave of Arab attacks inside Israel, and Shub said, "Obviously we condemn the recent attacks on Israelis and the deaths which resulted."

He added, "We've consistently, however, held that such deportations are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention as it pertains to the treatment of inhabitants of occupied territories. The United States believes that charges of wrongdoing should be brought in a court of law based on evidence to be argued in a public trial."

The four Gaza residents ordered expelled were described by the army as organizers for Hamas, an underground Palestinian organization. Hamas, which claimed responsibility for the stabbing death of three Jews in Jaffa on Friday, called in a leaflet today for renewed attacks.

Meanwhile, troops shot and killed a masked Palestinian Saturday night as he sprayed nationalist slogans on a wall in the occupied Gaza Strip, residents said.