Meanwhile, the Wellstone campaign is hoping that the highly praised television commercials that played a big role in Wellstone's victory will help retire his campaign debt of more than $60,000.

Wellstone advisers want to sell a 12-commercial video, which includes the two-minute "Looking for Rudy" ad that parodies last year's film "Roger and Me," for a $20 contribution.

Wellstone's staff has received approval from the Federal Election Commission and awaits a ruling from the Senate ethics committee.

The ads were created by a group of volunteer advertising executives in Minnesota led by Bill Hillsman of the North Woods Agency. The clever, biting commercials have been credited with bringing Wellstone attention when Boschwitz was outspending him by a margin of at least 10 to 1. When polls showed Wellstone beginning to close the gap on Boschwitz, the ads received national attention.

The tape includes all of Wellstone's humorous ads -- with children writing oversized checks to Boschwitz and Wellstone frantically delivering copies of newspapers that endorsed him -- plus a couple of spots in the same genre that were never aired. It does not, however, contain the early commercials in which Wellstone stared into the camera and talked about his love of family.